Tommy Wind 2016 Merlin Award

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Coveted statue is what the Oscars are to films for best family friendly magic show

Magician Tommy Wind is a 26-year-old with his own theatre so aptly named after himself on The Las Vegas Strip and now he has won the coveted Merlin Award presented to him by Tony Hassini on Monday, June 20.

This Merlin Award was for “Best Family Friendly Magic Show in the World”

Wind accepted the award before his show started in a ceremony on stage during a VIP/Media night and said, “This is an amazing award and an amazing night. I want to thank the International Magicians Society for recognizing me.”

President and founder of the International Magicians Society Hassini said, “Tommy Wind isn’t the youngest person to win the Merlin Award but definitely deserves it. His entertainment talent is well recognized in the world of magic.”

He has been a regular on the “Masters of Illusion” TV series on the CW network garnering four million viewers every Friday night.

He performs his family friendly magic show nightly at 6 p.m. The theatre is north of the MGM and behind Walgreen’s and Fatburger. For tickets call the box-office at 702-895-9787. You can purchase show tickets online at

Tommy Wind is the youngest performing magician on The Strip. In addition to his magic he has musical talent in his show featuring his father Tommy with a comical but talented drum routine. His mother Arlene and wife Stacy are both in the show. It’s truly a family show.

He moved here with his family six years ago. A Staten Island, New York native, Wind got his love for magic from his grandfather. He was a dock worker and amateur magician. His grandfather did magic in Italy in 1947 when he came to New York.

Wind got his first job at age 13, entertaining at the local pizzerias for a free coke, a slice of pizza and tips. A trip to Las Vegas, a magic kit and years of hard work cemented his way to stardom. Wind won Best Magician of the Year at the World Magic Awards in 2009. He is featured in the 13-episode “Masters of Illusion” which is set to air again this summer on the CW Network.

His musical talent comes from his father and manager Tommy Riccardo. Wind’s mother is the DJ M-O-M so it’s a family affair and would make a great reality TV show. The attractive magician’s assistant performs with him doing the illusions and is also his wife Stacy. This is a perfect show to take the entire family too

Wind performs classic and self-created tricks. He excels in up close grand illusions and escapes. His favorite illusion involves a giant electric fan. Wind captivates the audience as he climbs through the spinning blades. He’s excellent with card tricks. His sleight-of-hand is the best you will see on The Strip.

Tommy Wind’s web site is

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